Using the Climate Change Crisis to Earn Money

 Whenever matters to do with climate change are discussed, folks tend to start getting bored immediately. They view it as one of those abstract topics, without much immediate benefit to them. Yet unknown to them is the fact there are many ways in which they can derive personal benefit from it. We have always been advised to ensure that we don’t let any crisis go to waste – and the climate change crisis is no exception. You can use the climate change crisis to earn money (and thereby ensure that it doesn’t go to waste). Some of the specific ways in which you can get to earn money through the climate change crisis include:

Through green energy initiatives

Thanks to the climate change crisis, there is a lot of focus on green energy. Therefore, if you can set up a solar power plant (or a wind power plant), that would be an ideal way to earn some revenue for yourself. Alternatively, you can farming bio-fuels. There are lots of grants that you may access, to help you in getting started. And you are unlikely to face major hurdles in getting your solar (or wind) power into the grid.

By positioning yourself to earn the carbon credits cash

This is where, for instance, you can set up a community-based organization, involved in planting trees to mitigate climate change effects. Then you can apply for the organization to be funded through carbon credits, if your nation is one of those that qualify for carbon credits finance.

Through climate change education initiatives

This is where you can set up a community-based organization (or something else along those lines) to help in educating people about climate change. Then you’d have a chance to tap into various climate change grants, to finance the organization’s activities.

Whatever method you opt to use, the most important thing is to ensure that you show true commitment to climate change mitigation. If you truly apply yourself in a genuine manner, you may end up earning more (through the climate change-related initiatives) than what you’d have earned elsewhere. You can definitely earn more than what you’d have gotten working somewhere in the corporate world or in a service provision position. For instance, through these initiatives, you may get to earn more than what you’d have gotten working at the local Darden restaurant (and therefore having to get your paystubs through the Darden HR portal, at  Furthermore, if you are truly passionate about matters to do with climate change, this would be an opportunity for you to earn money doing something you really care about. That, surely, would be different from having to visit the krowd portal, to check your work schedules: knowing that you are scheduled to perform routine restaurant tasks you are not particularly passionate about.

All said and done, the opportunity to earn money through climate change mitigation initiatives is not for everyone. But for folks who are truly passionate about climate change mitigation, it can be a viable opportunity.

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