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Tell us your climate change story

Do you have personal experiences of climate change? How has it impacted you? Have you adapted to climate change? Or are you doing something to tackle it? We want to hear and share your story.

Our online form will help identify important information and guide you through the story-telling process.

If your story is about how climate change has impacted you then we will send it to our science panel for review. This is to give you, your friends and neighbours confidence that the stories are consistent with the science of climate change.

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Some tips for telling your story:

  • Start with a paragraph about yourself. What’s your name and where are you located? Include your profession or recreation and hobbies if you think it’s relevant to the story.
  • Is your story on how climate change has impacted you? Or is it about how you’re adapting to climate change? If so then tell us your observations and experience (and if some of the information comes from other people then mention that in the story too). Tell us the changes you are witnessing, how you feel about them and the consequences of the climate impact. If it’s relevant, tell us what you’re doing to adapt too.
  • Is your story about a climate change solution? Tell us why you were motivated to implement the solution, what the solution is, and how it will it address your experiences of climate change. Tell us the changes you’re witnessing and the consequences of the climate impact.

Just a note

We are looking forward to reading and sharing your story, and want to reassure you that WWF-Australia is taking care to ensure the integrity of the 2 Degree project and the stories that are submitted. To help we have developed some basic house rules to consider while people write their story. WWF will not publish stories that:
  • are obscene
  • are irrelevant to the aims of the 2 Degrees Project
  • are judged to be spam
  • are abusive or threatening to the 2 Degrees community or individuals within it
  • deliberately distribute false, misleading or liable information
  • advertise products and/or services