Characteristics of a Good Climate Change Activist

What goes into the making of a good climate change activist? If, for instance, you were recruiting people to work in climate change advocacy roles, what qualities would you be looking for? Those are some of the questions we will be answering in today’s article. And without further ado, we come to learn that some of the qualities that go into the making of a good climate change activist include:

  1. Proper information: a good climate change activist is one who is armed with solid facts and figures (about climate change). This is a person who is able to demonstrate how climate change is affecting humanity presently, and how things are likely to get worse with time. Thus, a good climate change activist is one who has, at his fingertips, the facts and figures capable of impacting the minds of even the worst climate change skeptics.
  2. Good storytelling skills: a good climate change activist is one who is able to use his storytelling skills to get people to see how the climate change facts and figures are likely to affect them personally and directly.
  3. Good listening skills: a good climate change activist is one who is able to listen well to the questions posed by the people he addresses, and come up with appropriate answers to address their concerns.
  4. Patience: a good climate change activist knows that he may not be able to convince hardcore skeptics in one day. He therefore approaches advocacy work with lots of patience.
  5. Conviction: a good climate change activist is one who is driven by conviction, rather than one who does advocacy for the sake of money. He is the sort of person who would engage in climate change advocacy even if he didn’t stand to derive a direct personal gain from it. He is, for instance, the sort of person who is even willing to forego things like the Capital One getmyoffer, in favor of climate change advocacy work. That is to say he is the sort of person who is willing to continue doing climate change advocacy work, even if he knows that by doing so, he would be ineligible to, say, apply for credit cards at Conversely, the worst person you can work with is a climate change activist (or any other sort of activist) who lacks conviction in the cause he is advocating for.

Getting Citizens to Sign a Petition on Climate Change Mitigation

As an anti-climate change campaigner, you may get to a point where you decide to present a petition to the local government authorities. This is likely to be the case if it becomes clear that the local government authorities are not taking climate change mitigation seriously. Now if your petition is to be taken seriously by the local government authorities, you need to ensure that it is signed by a huge number of citizens. If you are in a democratic state, and you present a petition that is signed by many citizens, the authorities will have no choice but to consider the issues raised in the petition – or otherwise risk facing the voters’ wrath in the next elections.

The petition has to be one that makes a great deal of sense, if at all the citizens are to append their signatures on it. Ideally, the petition should be drafted in simple language. The issues in it need to be presented in a manner that enables the citizens to see what is in it for themselves. The language used in the petition has to be respectful, yet also quite assertive. This way, when it reaches the local government authorities, they will be inclined to act on it.

You will need to educate the citizens on the importance of the climate change issues raised in your petition, if at all you are to get them to append their signatures to it. You can opt to use the local media, to educate the citizens on the importance of the climate change-related issues raised in the petition. Alternatively, you can opt to call the citizens individually (say, on phone) and try to educate each one of them individually on the importance of the issues raised in the petition. Such a phone-based campaign need not be very expensive. Going by the calling rates indicated on the metro pcs pay bill online chart, you should be able to push this sort of campaign through with just a few hundred bucks. That is, if you are using Metro PCS services – though the applicable rates for other phone networks tend to be largely similar. Of course, the exact expenditure to be incurred depends on the number of people you will be calling. If you (assisted by your volunteers) opt to call tens of thousands of citizens (or more), you should be ready to make a metro pcs payment that is commensurate with the number of calls made. But whatever the expenditure, it is likely to be a small price to pay – especially if that is what it takes to get the government to support climate change mitigation.